EnterpriseDT does not use log4j

There has been a lot of publicity about the vulnerability recently reported in the log4j logging library for Java, known as CVE-2021-44228.

We would like to reassure our users that none of our products use log4j. CompleteFTP and edtFTPnet/PRO are not written in Java, and cannot use log4j.

edtFTPj/PRO is a Java library, but uses its own logging system. It can, however, be integrated with log4j, so if you have enabled this feature, then your entire application is probably using log4j, and should be checked.

We would like to remind our users that it is important to keep software up to date so that these kinds of vulnerabilities are dealt with as patches are released. If your EnterpriseDT software is out of date, please contact us to renew it.

Posted by Bruce Blackshaw in