CompleteFTP adds TLS 1.3

We are pleased to announce our latest software update, which brings a host of enhancements and improvements aimed at increasing the security, efficiency, and overall functionality of our software.

The most significant change in this release is the addition of support for TLS 1.3 for FTPS. This updated version of the Internet's primary security protocol should provide improved security and performance during data transmissions. We believe this is an important update that offers users more secure connections.

In addition to security improvements, we have updated the JavaScript interpreter to now support the majority of language features up to and including ECMAScript 2023. This update allows for increased flexibility in coding and compatibility with the most current JavaScript syntax and features.

User capabilities have been extended with this release, as we've now enabled users to add their own web-apps. This new feature should provide greater flexibility and customization to user workflows. For account management, users can now link multiple accounts to a single email address, allowing for easier account organization and management.

We have also made updates to the Active Domain authenticator dialog. A new 'auto-create' checkbox has been added to simplify the authentication process. Additionally, we've made the overall activation process more streamlined, in an effort to enhance user experience.

This software update is part of our ongoing effort to improve functionality and address user needs. We appreciate your feedback, and encourage users to explore the new features and improvements. Thank you for your continued support.

You can download a fully functional trial of CompleteFTP here.