CompleteFTP 8.0 to be released in Q4

CompleteFTP 8.0 will be released in Q4. It has some exciting new features.

Our DropBox-like client is in beta, and will be part of 8.0. For the first release, functionality is fairly simple but still very useful - the client is a Windows tray app that allows you to select any file to share. The selected file is uploaded via a secure connection, and a unique URL is generated that can be emailed (or messaged) to share that file with others. The URL expires after a pre-set time (or if it is unshared). So basically it allows you to securely share files around the enterprise without relying on a cloud server that the US government is snooping on :)

The other major new feature is JSS, which stands for Javascript Server-Side. This means Javascript (normally only served up for execution in the browser) can be executed on the server, and the results served to the browser.

This opens up server-side development to Javascript developers who previously were confined to working in the browser. It helps leverage their skills much further. JSS is ECMAScript 3 compliant, so nearly all Javascript syntax in common use is supported.

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