CompleteFTP 23.0.4 - New SSH/SFTP feature

We've recently launched CompleteFTP version 23.0.4, it's available now for download on our customer site if you have an active support agreement.

This update is considered minor, so it's not imperative to upgrade your current installation unless you are directly impacted by the resolved issues or require the new SSH/SFTP feature.

The notable new feature in this release is the addition of support for several SSH key exchange algorithms, including the transition from diffie-hellman-group-15-sha512 to diffie-hellman-group-18-sha512.

Here's a summary of the bug fixes included in this update:

We've resolved a bug in the Admin REST API where adding group members would fail.
An issue in the IP filter code has been addressed. If a JavaScript filter encounters an exception, it will now be temporarily disabled until the server is restarted.
A bug affecting process triggers handling the LogIn on error event has been fixed. When a client uses an invalid username, an exception is now properly recorded in the log.
For users encountering IP filtering problems with multiple sites after an Enterprise downgrade, we've resolved this issue.
We've also fixed a memory leak related to TLS sessions. This fix can be particularly significant for customers running heavily-used servers for HTTPS or FTPS.

For more detailed product information, please refer to our product details page, and if you're interested in trying out CompleteFTP, you can download a 30-day trial from this link.