CompleteBox adds private file storage

CompleteFTP 8.1.0 has recently been released, and includes CompleteBox 1.1, which has some neat new features.

CompleteBox is a file sharing client that integrates with CompleteFTP. The most important of the new features is private storage. As well as sharing files publicly, users can now use CompleteBox to store their own files and retrieve them later - even on a different machine. This means you can store files at one location (e.g. work) and synchronize them at home. It's also useful as a backup for important files. More details here.

Other useful changes in 8.1 include a single PDF containing the User Guide, and search added to the HTML User Guide.

People who use the CompleteFTP manager regularly will be pleased with the addition of the Undo button for changes. We like it!

Finally, SFTP admins may like the ability to set authentication methods at the user level (Enterprise Edition), and the multi-protocol gateway now supports SFTP public key authentication.