CompleteFTP wins SFTP server recommendation from users

Survey reveals that more than 4 out of 5 CompleteFTP users would recommend it to others in need of secure FTP server software. CompleteFTP is SFTP server software trusted by thousands of organisations worldwide to securely transfer files and automate business processes every day. In research conducted early in 2014, customers rated a powerful feature-set, reasonable pricing and ease of use as the main reasons for choosing CompleteFTP. The features that were rated as most important by customers were:

  • reliable implementations of all protocols, including SFTP, FTP, FTPS, HTTP and HTTPS;
  • reliable performance;
  • ease of use and installation;
  • powerful virtual file-system with and flexible permissions;
  • good Windows integration;
  • integration with other FTP servers and SFTP servers via multi-protocol gateways; and
  • high level of customizability, including .NET extensions.

Meeting functional requirements and improving security are the primary drivers for organisations seeking FTP server software. CompleteFTP’s strong performance on all the most important features plus responsive service and quality technical support all contribute to satisfied customers willing to recommend the file transfer software to others.

“Very nice LIVE product. By live I mean, constantly updated, forum/support and sales responsive.”

We would particularly like to thank all the people who participated in our research program. We know there are free FTP server options available, so it’s important to us that CompleteFTP continues to perform strongly on the most important FTP server requirements, guided by the insight and experiences of our customers.