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We currently have a two-server environment that shares login, etc. information located in hosted environment A.  We are moving to a single-server configuration in environment B.  Our current version is 10.2.1.  I have reviewed the "How do I move..." FAQ document located here, but still have some questions.

Can I install the latest version (12.1.4) and copy the configuration files from 10.2.1 without going through an intermediate file conversion step?

Our file structure and gateway folder definitions will be different.  Will that cause a problem?  I would be OK with having the configuration come over, and then I would change the relevant gateway folders.  However, if the current "home" directory is "D:\ftp\home", is it easy to change it to something like "S:\ftp\home"?

Thank you for your help!

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Yes, you can do this (but please precisely follow the steps in the FAQ you've linked to).

Changing the current home directory is harder, as each home directory is a Windows folder and needs to be changed individually. I'm not quite sure why it has to be this way so I'll investigate that further - but it won't help you.
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I'm not sure why my original account was removed.  I wanted to share that this worked perfectly.  My main data drive changed from D: to S:, so I went through and modified those items.  Also, I had to change the Gateway Folder settings.  That was to be expected.  Very, very smooth.  Thank you!
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Thank you very much for letting us know.

I'm really sorry that your account was removed.  This webapp is under constant, heavy attack by spammers, so we're constantly having to remove accounts and unfortunately we sometimes remove legitimate accounts.