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Why does the audit.log file contain the text document _???.xls? Where ??? these are letters in Cyrillic. Must be document_???.xls. Please answer how to fix this in CompleteFTP?

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This looks like a bug - the audit log must be using ASCII. We'll look into getting this fixed for the next release. It has been logged in our issue tracker.
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Do they get logged correctly in the diagnostics.log file?
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You may in fact be able to solve this problem yourself.  Can you please try the following:

1. Open the following file in a text editor: C:\Program Files (x86)\Complete FTP\Server\Server\CompleteFTPService.exe.config

2. Around line 44 you should see a line starting with: <appender name="Audit"

3. Underneath this line add a new line with the following text: <encoding value="utf-8" />

4. Save the file

5. Delete (or rename) your current audit log file at C:\ProgramData\Enterprise Distributed Technologies\Complete FTP\Logs\Audit.log

6. Restart the service

7. Try uploading another file containing Cyrillic characters
Thanks, I decided as follows: In Windows server 2016, I changed the regional settings to Russian and not UNICODE programs in Russian either, and restart computer.