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I think it would be nice, if it would be possible to disable access to an FTP user if they come from a wrong IP address.

In our scenario we have multiple clients of ours coming for files. Now we allow any of them to come from any IP address, because some of our clients don't have fixed IP addresses. And in order to start using IP filtering, I need to set IP filters with IP addresses of all users.

However, it would be nice, if I could set IP filtering not per site, but per user. Client opens our ftp, enters user name, and gets refused right away (maybe even without having a chance to try his password) with a custom message, because he's not coming from the IP address that we have signed in the agreement.

I know that it would be possible to setup multiple sites in CompleteFTP Enterprise, but then I would need a separate site for every client, which is administrative overhead.

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This is down for a to do - thanks for indicating it is of interest to you. We hope to include this feature in 8.1
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Thank you!

That would make our investment in CompleteFTP Pro much more valuable.

Now I'm thinking about CompleteFTP Enterprise... Would it do what we need with multiple sites?

What we have here right now with CompleteFTP Pro, is a single home folder for multiple clients. Owner of that home folder (our employee) uploads a file into it. And then we have a Group of clients, who have their Home Folder set to the very same folder. As they're not Owners of that Home Folder, they're only allowed to "Change Into The Folder" and "Download" what's there.

My question is, would Multiple Sites feature allow us to have a single Home Folder Access from Multiple Sites? Or do the Multiple Sites require to setup different folder trees in CompleteFTP Enterprise?
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Yes, the file system is shared between sites, so the same folders can be accessed from different sites.