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We're using CompleteFTP Professional, and we have a non-windows user User1 who only has "upload files", "list folder contents" and "change into folder" rights.

User1 has uploaded a file File1.txt into its own root directory, and then tries to upload File1.txt with different contents again into the very same location.

What is the expected behaviour of CompleteFTP? Would it not allow to overwrite the current file, warn or ask to overwrite, or disallow overwriting?

Now we see, that User1 COULD overwrite the file, is that normal? Can I do anything to change that behaviour, e.g. prohibit User1 overwriting?


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Yes, upload (i.e. write) permission permits users to upload files over existing files. There's not any way to prevent a user overwriting their own files unless you decide to make the file readonly after uploading. It's usually not a desirable thing to do though - it is pretty common to update files regularly.
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I liked an idea of making it readonly. I guess I could give a try to create the Upload Process Trigger in the Events Tab.

Is there a script command to make a file readonly as soon as its uploaded?
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Is there a script command to make a file readonly as soon as its uploaded?

According to this you can do it using the following Powershell command:
sp file.txt IsReadOnly $true

- Hans (EnterpriseDT)