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My company is interested in buying the edtFTPj/PRO.     I have a question about the single developer license.   Let's say that there is one developer developing.   The company is in Oklahoma.   The developer is in California.   The library needs to execute on the developer's computer in California, and on two servers in Oklahoma: a test server and a production server.    In this scenario, would we need just the one developer license?   Thank you.

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The individual developer license is for use by one single developer only, when carrying out the development work for your file transfer needs. After the final product is actually being distributed to servers, you can use it on more than one server. The limitation is purely on how many developers are actually working with the library prior to final use on the server (s) and also any remedial work after you have executed on the server(s). Our website has a guide on this here, regarding the differences between the different editions.