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A CompleteFTP user asked:

How do I use Microsoft Authenticator with CompleteFTP's 2FA feature?

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  1. Enable 2FA in CompleteFTP Manager (don’t forget to apply changes)

  2. Log into CompleteFTP in your browser with your username and password. After entering these you should see the 2 Factor Authentication Setup page with a QR code.

  3. Install and open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone

  4. Tap + at the top of the screen

  5. Tap Personal account

  6. Tap Scan a QR code

  7. Point your phone’s camera at the QR code. As soon as the app has found it, it will switch back to the app’s main screen where you’ll see an item labelled CompleteFTP with the user-name underneath it.

  8. Tap the item labelled CompleteFTP. You’ll now see a 6-digit code.

  9. Go back to your browser, enter the 6-digit code and tap Activate.

Microsoft Authenticator is now configured to be the authenticator for CompleteFTP. Each time you log in you'll need to enter the 6-digit code that the app is showing at the time. If you get a new phone or want to add an additional authenticator to your account then you can go to CompleteFTP's Manage Account page and click 'Set up a new device'.