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After I upgraded to CompleteFTP 22.1.2 I just get a plain orange page when I try to log in via the browser. How do I fix it?

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We apologize for this error. It should only happen if 'Public HTTP access enabled' is not set, so one workaround is to enable that. If that's not acceptable then please follow the instructions below:

  1. Stop the CompleteFTP Service.
  2. Open a Windows console running as Administrator.
  3. Execute the command at the bottom of this answer.
  4. Start the CompleteFTP Service.
"C:\Program Files\Complete FTP\Server\cftpconfig.exe" /q "UPDATE WebApp SET PlugInID='abef3ee9-66b0-4c56-a36d-34e50214624a' WHERE WebAppID='c523408d-207e-4b80-8784-20c71bfdb905'"
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Thanks very much - I  am unable to enable Public HTTP access due to the security profile of this server and data this system manages. However, the command and procedure worked exactly as described and did resolve the issue.

I'll be on the lookout for the updated code as well, but I am back up and running - Much appreciated!
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22.1.3 has now been released with this fix included.