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I have an existing user who can log in with a password.

This user will be changed to a certificate based authentication.

How can I delete the password authentication for this user?

When I create a new user this is possible directly but I can't find a way to do this for an existing user.

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Can you provide more detail? Which protocol are they using at the moment when they use their password. Which protocol will they use without password authentication?
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Sorry for the late answer...
All users use sftp.
So I want to change a user from password authentication to public key.
For this I want to remove the password from his account
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Go to the Users panel, select the user, then look for a setting called 'Methods (SSH)' in the User Properties panel. Uncheck 'Password' and click Apply Changes. You can also overwrite the password, but that's not necessary as it can't be used.
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Unfortunately, I can't find the setting you describe.

I have added a photo to the post above that shows my user settings
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That may be because the setting isn't included in the edition of CompleteFTP that you're using. If you open a support ticket we can give you an alternative way of disabling password authentication for a specific user.

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