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We have been using edtFTP/free library for some time now and we are very happy of this library and how it works for FTP. Now we need to implement FTPS in one of our products, so we are considering to upgrade to edtFTPnet/PRO. We are 1 team of developers at multiple geographical locations (all located in Italy), so we would purchase the Team license.

I have read that if we buy the Team license we get 12 months of support and upgrades. But, if we will not renew the support agreement after those 12 months, will we still have the right to use and distribute your library with our product?

In other words: is the edtFTPnet/PRO Team license a "lifetime license" to use and redistribute the product?

Thank you in advance.

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Thanks for your enquiry.  A 12-month subscription means free upgrades and support for 12 months, but your license is valid forever. After the first 12 months, support, updates and new versions are optionally renewable on a yearly basis. You still have the right to use and distribute the library with your product, however you will have no entitlement to upgrade to newer versions if you decide not to renew. 

Please see here for more information on this.