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I don't think we've ever put any versions on Maven, so I'm not sure how they got there or how to update them. Feel free to download the latest from our website.

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Looking at Maven Central, there are three artifacts listed under com.enterprisedt, with the most recent update occurring in 2019.


The way Maven Central works, only someone in the company would have been able to upload those artifacts. (An authentication procedure is used that requires the ability to modify the enterprisedt.com web site.) Perhaps that person is still around? In any case, it implies that there is already an account at OSSRH for EnterpriseDT, which is the biggest hurdle.


It would be great to have your libraries on Maven Central. It is a convenient and popular way to access third party Java libraries. Tools like JetBrains IDEA are set up to download libraries from Maven repositories, which is useful even if one is not using Maven as a build tool.
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We definitely haven't uploaded the ones from 2012 and 2019 since the product names are written incorrectly, which we'd never do. We may have uploaded the one from 2006.  I've emailed the admins of Maven to ask them to fix it up for us.