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We upgrade CompleteFTPSetup-21.0.0 to CompleteFTPSetup-21.1.0.
And reboot the server.

Seems that FTP is not working. Even disabled FTP and enabled. 

220-Complete FTP server
220 CompleteFTP v 21.1.0
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
Not connected.
Local directory now /bla/bla2
Not connected.

After desinstalling and downgradeing it works again.
No Entrys in server log.

SSH FTP worked all the time

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We will need a debug log for this, so we would kindly ask you to open up a support ticket here and attach a log set at debug level showing the issue. 

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We don't have a debug log for now.
As we downgraded the server to get it working again getting a debug log this might take a while.
We will try to setup a test enviroment for it.
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Ok. If you get the Debug log please use the link shown above as you have a current support agreement in place.
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One thing to check is the firewall - make sure it is allowing connections. You can test a release as described here

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