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I'm using edt-ftpj-pro to connect to an sftp server.

I'm creating a SSHFTPClient object.

Is there anyway to determine *which* ciphers were agreed upon and used on the connect?


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Yes, you can set logging level to debug and then check the log after they have finished connecting. To do this please see the user guide on logging which can be viewed here.

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Hi Stuart,

Thanks so much for your response.

I did turn on debug and I do see the ciphers listed...but the output is quite verbose and a little confusing to follow....the ciphers are listed multiple times on multiple lines.

I think I'll submit a feature request to be added in a future release...where the negotiated ciphers are returned via a function.

I'm working on a project where I need to verify 1,000+ servers...to determine the ciphers being used on each connection.  Retrieving this via a function call would be much easier than looking through the debug log.

Thanks again,

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Hi Lew,

Please go to the following link and request this new feature, adding the specific details. Our developers will then review this and respond: