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A user wanted to set up a process whereby a new certificate from Let's Encrypt could be automatically installed every 3 months.

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With a bit of guidance from EnterpriseDT, the user was able to solve this problems successfully and, very generously, offered to share his solution with other CompleteFTP users. This is what he wrote:

This can be done using the following procedure:

  1. Must install SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2. I then chose to copy the relevant DLL to my working folder, but you could point it to the installed location of that DLL.

  2. In this Powershell script below, the top section has the items that must be tailored to the environment (mostly file locations)

  3. This assumes that the ACME process (I used win-acme) had already been set up and that you chose to store the PFX file somewhere available to this script. At the end of the win-acme process, it then prompts you to run a script as an installation step. That’s where you would call this script