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I have Completeftp all setup and running fine with users uploading csv files to the server (and for years)

I now need to create a process trigger that, on upload, takes a copy of the incoming file and places the copy within a Azure Share Folder which is configured as a folder within CompleteFTP..

Have tried every variation, with quotes, without etc, with %filename% and without, using just a folder name, full azure path etc but keep getting errors: stderr: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

move "%WindowsPath%" "\ABIETLAzureFTP\%FileName%" or
move "%WindowsPath%" "abietlftp:/abietlftp/%FileName%"

I just want to copy a file to this folder (rather than have to ftp upeach time)  but how do I reference the completeftp azure folder within the batch process trigger?

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If you are using the Windows move command, you need to use Windows paths. So you'll need access to the Azure folder from Windows.

If you want to use an Azure folder from within CompleteFTP, use Javascript Server-Side (JSS). See here for the API guide. Try File.CopyTo

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I actually think the JSS approach won't work yet because CompleteFTP doesn't support copying files between different types of folders (i.e. Windows to Azure). You'll therefore have to use the approach you're already using except that you'll need to make the Azure File Share accessible as a network drive on your machine.  The article below explains how to do that:


Once you've done that you can test copying files between your hard disk and Azure using the command-line and File Explorer.  And once you've established that that works then use the same commands in your process trigger.