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I have been playing with the automation of user onboarding via the command line and have managed to get the following working:

  1. Creation of non-windows users
  2. Creation of Groups (via Server Side javascript functions)
  3. Creation of Folder structures
But for the life of me I can't figure out how to, or if it is possible to automatically populate the event trigger.
How would I go about creating a trigger that does the following via the CLI or Web API?
  • Trigger on upload file
  • Folder Filter: */a/b/c/*
  • Trigger on success
  • Powershell or JSS Script type
  • <body of script>
  • <Working directory or user to run script as>

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Unfortunately we haven't yet added the ability to add event handlers via the command-line.

If you tell me what you want the trigger to do then I might be able to suggest a solution.