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I'm trying to install edtFTPnet-PRO 9.0.0 silently in order to automate PC deployment.

I already tryed with the .iss response file, or with the classic /q, /s command but nothing seems to work. Does a particular process exist which may allow me to silently install this application ?

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The installer isn't really designed for silent installation. But what do you actually need? Normally edtFTPnetPRO.dll is the only component required for use with an application developed with edtFTPnet/PRO.  Or is this for a developer's machine?
I discussed with the team members, and they actually need development tools on the machine, not just the .dll file. My role is to automate the installation, without any operator input, hence my question.
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OK, that's obviously more difficult. I suppose the installer could be modified to allow for silent installs. Please raise a support issue at the URL below and provide your license details to progress this further.
I will do that. Thank you very much.

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