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I am trying to create a trigger event that will rename and then move the file.

I have a filename that remains the same for pickup, lets say Test.xml.

Upon download I want to rename Test.xml to Test_20190724_135500.xml and then move it to the Archive directory. I have the following included in the trigger event body, but nothing is happening.  Even when enabling debug level and Real Time Logging I'm not getting anymore information on the failure.

set filename2 = "Test_%Time%.xml"
ren  "%WindowsPath%" "%filename2%"
move "F:\CompleteFTP\Alli\%filename2%" "F:\CompleteFTP\Alli_Archive"

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Please enable debug logging and take a look in the server log file:

C:\ProgramData\Enterprise Distributed Technologies\Complete FTP\Logs\diagnostics.log