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I set up a test user on c:\SFTPFiles\Vendor\VendorTest and now, I want to move to the F drive.

I copied the directory structure over.  I couldn't add "VendorTest" twice, so I renamed directory on F Drive to VendorTestNew, and added it.  Then I thought I switched vendor to go to that directory.  I then deleted VendorTest, and renamed VendorTestNew to VendorTest.

To me all looks good, but when I connect with SFTP client and upload a file, it's still going to the folder on the C drive. Even after doing an Apply-Changes and a restart service.

When I click "VendorTest" it shows: F:\SFTPFiles\Vendor\VendorTest which looks correct.

Please advise.


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The easiest thing would be for us to have a look at your configuration, but we can only do that via the helpdesk.  Can you please open a ticket at enterprisedt.com/help?

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When I changed the disks on the "Folder" tab today, it seemed to work fine.
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OK that's great.  Thanks for letting us know.