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We are trying to move multiple files in a folder to another folder in the same server. We are using the below command.

lrename folder1 folder1/Complete

It is currently to moving the files, not sure if there is something we are missing in the syntax.

Your help will be very much appreciated.

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The lrename command (which is an operation on the local system, i.e. on the CompleteFTP server on which it is running) only renames a file or a directory.  It cannot move files from one directory to another.
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Okay, thank you. Maybe I have misunderstood some of the FAQs that I read as I was browsing through.

Is there a move command that I can use to move files into another folder after I have copied the files to another server through FTP.

I am able to copy the files over to another server successfully, but after that I need to move the files to "Processed" folder.

Or if there is no FTP command to move files can I call a batch script on the FTP script tab on CompleteFTP after the FTP connection is closed?

I have checked on this link and I could not find a command I could use; https://enterprisedt.com/products/completeftp/doc/guide/html/scriptcommandreference.html

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CompleteFTP has what is called process triggers which will do what you want. You can run a powershell script or a batch script to copy or move uploaded files to anywhere. Have a look in the user guide under Events -> Process triggers.
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Thank you, I understand. Already working on it.