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I can see older version download page for edtJFTPpro but cannot see one to download licensed version for edtNetFTPpro, is there any separate download page for this too? How can I download licensed version of edtNetPro?

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Please see here for the edtFTPnet/PRO download page.

To download the licensed version you will require your login credentials.

For the trial version download page, please see here.

I hope this helps.

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Hi, when I login I can see only edtJpro files. I need edtNetpro dlls to download. Please advise.
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You're only presented with downloads for the products that you have licenses for.  Do you have licenses for both edtFTPnet/PRO and edtFTPj/PRO?  If so, perhaps they were purchased through separate accounts.  Perhaps it's best if you open a ticket in our helpdesk at enterprisedt.com/help.