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I am trialing the CompleteFTP product. I have everything set up in a cluster and that is working. However, I need to point the users Home folder to our DFS share. I can create a new Folder mapping to that, but see no way of doing either:

- Change the "Home" folder to point to DFS

- Create a new network folder pointing to the DFS and make that the default home folder for all Windows users (manually added ones)

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1) You could create a mapped drive on the machine, and then point the Home folder to that mapped drive by changing the Path property of Home.

2) When you create Windows users, if you don't check the "Automatically create home folders" you'll have the option of specifying the home folder. You can use your network folder here.
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1) I see how this could work. Not my favorite option as it becomes less obvious how the mapping all connect together.

2) I tried this, but it means that every user has the same folder as it doesn't create a users sub folder underneath that root. Unless I am missing something.
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I'll ask a colleague to see if he has any better ideas for 1).

About 2), when you create a Windows user manually, you can choose the folder, so if you choose a network folder you can then create a subfolder for the home directory and select it.
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We haven't yet implemented a way to change the type of a folder and, to my knowledge, no one has ever requested it before, but I can see that in your case it's sorely needed.  I'm going to add a feature request for it.

There is a workaround, though.  You can do it using an SQL command that can be executed from the command-line, as follows:

1. Stop the CompleteFTP service

2. Open a console

3. Change into the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Complete FTP\Server

4. Execute the command cftpconfig.exe /q "UPDATE Node SET NodeTypeID='7da9861c-271e-4cf5-b35d-aff10f6042e5' WHERE NodeID='cf60f079-0747-47e4-bc9f-ff3460134be8';"

5. Restart the service

You should now find that the type of the /Home folder has changed to Network/Macro Folder, which means that you can edit it as text and enter the UNC path as required.

You should find that the change propagates to the secondaries in your cluster upon start-up, but if you find that they don't then you can force synchronization to make sure that they have.

Does that help?