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I have downloaded the demo and will be testing/trying it to see if we can use it in one project. I will be offering support for ftp/ftps and sftp  in one .net application. If the product fits our needs I will be ordering an Individual Developer license.  I have some questions about the license of the product.

1)  In the license agreement we got "In the case of an Individual Developer License, we grant to you a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to install this Software for use on one (single user) development machine". I am the only developer, but I use to code both using my machine at the office as well that at home. Hope that is not a problem or goes again the conditions of use. Again it will be only me working and of course never at the same time on both machines.

2) Our application will be distributed under 2 license types: one freeware version with some limited functionality and one commercial version. I hope there is no difference in the way the assembly edtFTPnetPRO.dll is distributed?

3) As edtFTPnetPRO.dll iand it must be "activated" with a LicenseOwner and a LicenseKey, what is the recommended way to protect that info? I guess the only more or less "secure" way is to assign the information tho those fields in code and obfuscate the code in some way (dotfuscator?). Having this info in a config file which will be distributed cannot be a good idea. Any hints?

4)  What if (hypothetically) a new .net version is out next year (5.0 or whatever). Will we be entitled to a free upgrade of the compiled assembly (of our purchased version). I will not be purchasing the source code at this moment.

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1) As long as you're the same developer at home and work that's no problem :)

2) It's up to you how you distribute your app, we don't mind.

3) Yes, please set the license details in code. You don't have to obfuscate.

4) It's actually compiled for 2.0 and upwards - it should make no difference what framework is used.