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Complete FTP Manager - SFTP - Password is set as the authentication method.  Every user now gets the error No supported authentication methods available (Server sent:)

We tried disabling and enableing it.  We tried restarting the server and the server.  Does not work.  Any ideas?

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Can you please produce a clean debug log illustrating the error, as described at  http://enterprisedt.com/questions/index.php/2275/how-to-produce-a-clean-debug-log-in-completeftp

Please open a ticket at enterprisedt.com/help and attach them to that.  It would also be helpful to see detailed logs from the client.

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I had to manually retype the password for every user.  After retyping a password for the user it would work fine.  This was for over 40 accounts - many of them that had automated processes connecting so I know they had the correct passwords.

It is now working.

Thank you.