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We want to use our CompleteFTP server with multiple Windows domains. Server itself is not member a domain (workgroup machine). How can we add users from different domains (and/or add search domains). I managed to list users in one domain but now in other domains, is that somehow network/firewall related issue because I didn't tell domain controllers address anywhere , only domain FQDN . I also added two users from that domain where I could list users, but I couldn't log in CompleteFTP server using those windows users. Using Non-Windows user , I can login into CompleteFTP server via browser.

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You will need to give permissions for the local SYSTEM user on the server machine (which is what the service runs as) to list users from different domains.

To log in, you will need to specify the domain name as part of the username, e.g. DOMAIN\myusername
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You mean that I somehow give permission on the CompleteFTP server (which is workgroup machine) to LOCAL System users from domain controllers in different domains (dc$) or give CompleteFTP servers local system account permissions to list users in different domains. Both could be tricky because CompleteFTP server isn't part of domain (it is in Workgroup).
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The latter. CompleteFTP has to be able to list users in different domains to add them.

Of course, you don't *have* to explicitly add users - you can use automatic Windows users.