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Why am I able to log into CompleteFTP, but my co-worker (using the same credentials) cannot log in?

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asked Mar 13 in CompleteFTP by HamCoISS (120 points)

I am able to start up CompleteFTP (v.10.0), but my co-worker cannot.  We have it installed on Windows Server 2012 that we access using Remote Desktop.

When she attempts to log in, she gets the following messages...

And then when she clicks "Yes", she gets this message...

Could this be a permissions issue?

Thank You.

commented Mar 14 by EDT Support (41,570 points)
I see that you've also submitted a ticket in our help-desk system and that my colleague has answered there.

1 Answer

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answered Mar 22 by support2 (144,210 points)
This has been resolved - it looks like the wrong port number or protocol was being used by the manager to connect to the server. It should be SFTP on port 14983.