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Do you mean you can't download it, or you can't install it?
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i can download it but as soon as it is done downloading symantec antivirus quarantines it because it says it has trojan4 virus
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OK. Unfortunately it is difficult for us to do much about this. It's a very common problem that antivirus programs produce false positives for a lot of software.

If you go to https://www.virustotal.com you can upload the installer and see the scan we've just performed - 4 virus programs flag a trojan (including symantec) and 54 say it is fine.
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I've uploaded the installer to Symantec to report a false positive.
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Here's Symantec's response:

In relation to submission 21223.

Upon further analysis and investigation we have verified your submission and, as such, the detection(s) for the following file(s) will be removed from our products:

    File name: CompleteFTPSetupTrial.exe
    MD5: 65f0056aef875c02a7cad605e37425da
    SHA256: 5e81368582a16031be8406b4834d018f4a7438a12130a85b1f7699a349c9622b
    Note: Whitelisting may take up to 24 hours to take effect via Live Update
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i have the latest symantec files and it's still getting removed.  I'm not sure if it matters but the file name that gets downloaded  is "completeftpsetup.exe" not "completeftpsetuptrial.exe"
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It's the same binary - you can verify that by checking the hashes.  I'm not sure how long it takes for Symantec to update - it could be 24 hours excluding weekends.
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yes, youre right, the hashes are the same.  Hopefully it will work tomorrow.

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I just re-analyzed at https://www.virustotal.com and Symantec is now listed as having passed, so they've done something. Maybe you don't have the latest update.

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