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Hello, we have CompleteFTP version 8.3.0, our clients try to connect over SFTP, they complain, that they cannot connect.

They've sent us this excerpt from their connection log:

sftp SomeUser@ftp.OurCompleteFTPServer.com
Connecting to ftp.ourcompleteftpserver.com...
buffer_get_string_ret: bad string length 1865285632
buffer_get_string: buffer error
Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

What can be wrong? Is it fixed in a later version? In what version? If our support has expired, maybe at least we could get acces to version 8.3.3, which has less bugs?

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Please open a support ticket at http://enterprisedt.com/support/index.php
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Thanks for reply. Registered ticket 135867.
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It seems it was a welcome message with national characters to blame.

1 Answer

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Change national characters in welcome message into english characters.