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HI im looking into how i can put edtFTP into non-interactive mode

when im uploading files. Is this supported ? it is equalent to " Prompt n " which is used in Microsoft Ftp.exe client.

i cant seam to find and property or method to set this . can any one help me ?.



jens simonsen


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You've put your question in the edtFTPnet/Free category, but it sounds a bit like you're referring to edtFTPnet/PRO?  Is that right?  Are you referring to edtFTPnet/PRO, which includes the edtftp.exe program?
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no i do refer to the free library of edtftp/net as im trying to see if it fills my needs. and atm just wondering if the above is supported in the free or the pro version.

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edtFTPnet/Free is a library, not an application, so you can't use it like ftp.exe. It is meant to be embedded in your own programs to do FTP.
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thats correct im not using a client how ever i can see how my question can be misunderstod.
i am using the free library in my own program when i referenced the client i ment the client opbject that resides in the free library which is named : ftpconnection thats the one you recommend using instead of the ftpclient object.

im only asking if the library supports non-interactive mode as a property on the objects in the library to turn it on. :) and not your client as thats what im interested in only your library in my program :).
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I still don't get what you mean - non-interactive mode only applies to an application that has user input.  With this library the programmer has control over transfers, so you can do whatever you like.
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hi essential what im after to find out is that the library when it is uploading files once that done it do not do anything else like refreshing the remote folder to get the new listings and so on . i  know i got control of it but i do not have control of what happens behind the methods i use such as upload.

in other words when i use you methods can i count on it dos what it says or dos the methods do more than just upload like refreshing the remote folder after upload as some clients/libraries do. as i have seen other libraries do it.
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It will just upload the file. If you want to get a listing, you have to use the GetFileInfos() to do so.
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ok thank you :) thats all i needed to make
 sure of. i should have wrote the question different i see that now. i do appologies.

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