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Is ist possible to install de the CompelteFTP Cluster on a Microsoft Failover Cluster?

We need the Failover capability but wee dont want to use a network componente for the loadbalancing.


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Yes, in fact the customer who provided the test-site while we were developing this capability was (and is) using it in this way.
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Can you provide me some how to guide for the install and configuration of CompleteFTP on Microsoft Cluster?
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I can provide advice on setting up the CompleteFTP instances, but I'm afraid I don't know how to set up Microsoft's failover functionality as this was handled by our customer during the test-phase.  In fact I think they already had it set up for other purposes before they installed CompleteFTP.
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Hello dears,

Was anyone able to get the guide for installing and configuring CompleteFTP on Microsoft Cluster?

Greetings and thanks in advance
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There's no specific guide for Microsoft Cluster. CompleteFTP handles synchronization of configurations between nodes, and Microsoft Cluster has to handle file synchronization.
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Our setup looks like this:

- MS Failover Cluster with Network IP for FTP access. (No Disk, No any other Cluster resources)

- CompleteFTP Cluster installed on the 2 Systems.

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What's the issue?