Web File Manager

CompleteFTP Professional and Enterprise MFT include a web-app that allows uploading, downloading and management of files that are hosted on the server. This web-app is responsive, meaning that it automatically adjust to the available screen-size, be it a desktop or a mobile phone.

Please note that the earlier web file manager (FileManager1) is now obsolete, and will not be maintained. Users from earlier versions of CompleteFTP should disable this version and select the new file manager. To do this, use the CompleteFTP manager application as follows. Go to the HTTP/HTTPS site settings, and i) disable FileManager1 and enable FileManager2 in "Web features" ii) set FileManager2 as the "Home web-app". Apply changes and the user should now be directed to FileManager2 after logging in.

All users connecting to a CompleteFTP public site are automatically brought to the File Manager app after they've logged in, unless the server is configured otherwise.

It supports the following operations: