About Enterprise Distributed Technologies

Enterprise Distributed Technologies, based in Brisbane, Australia, has been providing FTP solutions worldwide since 1999. We have many thousands of users worldwide. We have particular expertise with secure FTP, such as FTP over SSL (FTPS), FTP over SSH (SFTP), and SCP.

Our flagship product is CompleteFTP, a secure FTP Windows server supporting FTPS and SFTP, as well as FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH and SCP. CompleteBox is a file-sharing client designed to be used with CompleteFTP.

We also provide programmer libraries for embedding secure FTP capabilities in your applications. edtFTPnet/PRO enables .NET applications to use FTPS, SFTP, SCP and FTP. We also provide edtFTPnet, an open source .NET FTP library and edtFTPnet/Compact for the .NET compact framework.

edtFTPj/PRO adds FTPS, SFTP, SCP and FTP to Java applications, as well as FTP scripting, while edtFTPj is a very popular open source FTP library you can use for free.