25 11, 2014

How to secure an SFTP server part 3

Our previous tip for securing an SFTP server involved utilizing the resources of the corporate network to bar intruders, primarily via the corporate firewall.

Now, it’s time to look at the SFTP (or FTP) server itself. Of course, as mentioned in tip 1, it is essential to keep the server software up-to-date to ensure the latest security patches are installed. But once that’s done, what’s next?

Well, now we’ve done our best to keep intruders […]

20 11, 2014

How to secure an SFTP server part 2

The first tip in this series on securing your SFTP (and FTP) server was to keep your operating system and server software up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Next, make sure you make full use of your corporate firewall. The best way to ensure that your server is never hacked is to make sure hackers never get near it, and that is best accomplished by keeping intruders out of your corporate network. This means keeping […]

15 11, 2014

How to secure an SFTP server part 1

The first tip in this series on how to secure your SFTP or FTP server is a basic one that is very often neglected. And yet it is probably the most important thing you can do to keep intruders out of your systems.

It is this – keep your operating system and your server software up-to-date with the latest security patches. This means regularly applying Windows updates as soon as possible after they become […]

13 11, 2014

New blog series – how to secure an SFTP server

This week we’ll be starting a series on how to secure an SFTP server (and FTP server) from attack.

If your server has a direct connection to the Internet, this is critically important – the Internet is flooded with bots that are port scanning every IP address available. Once a server is made available to the Internet, it is often only hours or minutes before hacking attempts begin.

Even if your server is not directly connected to […]

4 11, 2014

CompleteFTP wins SFTP server recommendation from users

Survey reveals that more than 4 out of 5 CompleteFTP users would recommend it to others in need of secure FTP server software. CompleteFTP is SFTP server software trusted by thousands of organisations worldwide to securely transfer files and automate business processes every day. In research conducted early in 2014, customers rated a powerful feature-set, reasonable pricing and ease of use as the main reasons for choosing CompleteFTP.  The features that were rated as most […]

4 11, 2014

The POODLE SSL vulnerability resolved

By now most people will have heard of the POODLE SSL vulnerability, a flaw in the SSL 3.0 protocol that affects FTPS and HTTPS. We’ve recently blogged about POODLE in some detail. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks updating our products to deal with POODLE, and can today say that the latest versions of all our products now disable SSLv3 by default - the simplest way to prevent POODLE from being exploited. SSLv3 […]