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Our business is information security, and so we blog on a variety of topics in this area. We often comment on the security aspects of current affairs, as well as providing technical discussion on cryptography and related areas such as privacy. We are particularly interested in secure protocols such as SSL/TLS and SSH. Our flagship product is CompleteFTP, a Windows server supporting FTPS, SFTP, SCP and HTTPS, all of which are reliant on SSH and SSL/TLS.

Setting up a CompleteFTP

This article summarises the process of setting up a cluster of FTP servers on AWS EC2.

​Primary and secondaries
A CompleteFTP cluster is arranged such that there’s one primary server and one or more secondaries.  All configuration changes must be made via an instance of CompleteFTP Manager that’s connected to the primary.  The primary will automatically distribute changes to the secondaries (unless this is disabled).

Files are not auto​matically synchronised
​While CompleteFTP will take care of synchronising configuration […]

SSL Certificate Installation Instructions for CompleteFTP

SSL Certificate Installation for CompleteFTP

Use these instructions to install your SSL Certificate for CompleteFTP.
Before installing your SSL Certificate, you first need to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) (see Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generated Using CompleteFTP).

How To Install an SSL Certificate for CompleteFTP

  1. Open the CompleteFTP Manager, then open Server certificate.
    Click Settings > FTP/FTPS > Advanced FTP/FTPS Settings > Security Settings > Server certificate.
  2. In […]

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generation Using CompleteFTP

Use these instructions to generate a CSR using CompleteFTP Manager.

How To Generate a CSR using CompleteFTP

  1. Open the CompleteFTP Manager, then open Server certificate.
    Click Settings > FTP/FTPS > Advanced FTP/FTPS Settings > Security Settings > Server certificate.
  2. In the CompleteFTP Server Certificate window, select Generate a certificate signing request (CSR).
  3. Choose OK […]

How to set up a free FTPS server on Windows

Filezilla server?

Until recently, the easiest way to get a free FTPS server up and running on Windows was to download and install Filezilla server. Simple, free and robust, Filezilla server was a perfectly adequate solution.

But there were some nagging issues. Filezilla server has never managed to make it out of beta status, and that’s not ideal if you want a production-quality solution. Also, getting support for Filezilla […]

IoT security


We’ve previously discussed the poor security of many devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) – the network of “smart” devices connected by the Internet. Unfortunately in their race to implement features, vendors seem to rate IoT security very low on their list of priorities. Often, IoT devices are protected by factory default or hard-coded usernames and passwords. Such poor security practices results in millions of connected devices that almost […]

Planning for server reliability

server room

Server reliability is of primary importance in our networked world. Billions of dollars in e-commerce is utterly dependent on reliable servers and reliable networks connecting those servers to users.

The Australian stock exchange (ASX) recently had a bad day when their trading system failed. Market opening was delayed by 90 minutes, and after experiencing problems during trading, they were forced to close two hours early. Subsequently, some trades had to be cancelled.

For a […]