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Our business is information security, and so we blog on a variety of topics in this area. We often comment on the security aspects of current affairs, as well as providing technical discussion on cryptography and related areas such as privacy. We are particularly interested in secure protocols such as SSL/TLS and SSH. Our flagship product is CompleteFTP, a Windows server supporting FTPS, SFTP, SCP and HTTPS, all of which are reliant on SSH and SSL/TLS.

Massive Yahoo hack confirmed


Yahoo has confirmed it has suffered the largest data breach in history, potentially affecting 500 million user accounts.  This Yahoo hack beats the huge Myspace hack of a few months ago.

If you have a Yahoo account, have you been affected? […]

How to secure your server


We published a blog series two years ago on how to secure an SFTP server. Given it is such a pertinent topic, we’re highlighting the posts again here. These points are relevant to all servers, not just SFTP servers, and should be read […]

The danger of legacy protocols



Legacy server protocols can be dangerous, particularly those which were once widely used and are no longer well known. Why do these legacy protocols present a danger? Because people forget they exist – and younger IT workers may never have encountered them.

This […]

Activating CompleteFTP Free

CompleteFTP Free Edition will remain fully operational for 30 days from installation without being activated.  Activating CompleteFTP Free costs nothing and requires only a valid e-mail address.

To activate open CompleteFTP Manager, select the Licensing tab and click the ‘Activate Free Edition’ link:


Switching from CompleteFTP trial to CompleteFTP Free Edition

The CompleteFTP 30-day trial can be switched to CompleteFTP Free Edition very easily. First, select the Licensing tab:


Then click ‘Switch to other edition’ to show the following dialog box:


Now select ‘Free’ […]