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The trial period has expired. How can I extend it?
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If your trial period has expired and you require further time to evaluate CompleteFTP, we are happy to extend your trial period. Please note that after the trial license expires, it converts to "Developer Mode", which only permits connections from the local machine. You can use it indefinitely in this mode.

But if you need to do further testing with a fully functional trial, here's how to extend it:

  1. Connect to your CompleteFTP server using the manager on the machine it is installed on.
  2. Go to the Licensing tab.
  3. Click on 'Apply purchased license'. 
  4. Click the 'here' link at the top of the window ('Click here if this computer has no Internet connection').
  5. Enter "TrialUser" in Step 1.
  6. Click the 'copy' link in Step 2 to copy the generated URL to your clipboard. Do NOT navigate to the URL (it will ask you for a password you don't have). 
  7. Paste it into your reply.
  8. We'll send you back an activation key to paste into Step 4. Make sure you save the changes.