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How to deal with "The referenced assembly edtFTPnetPRO could not be found" error?
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"This assembly is required for analysis and was referenced by xyz.dll".

Unfortunately this seems to be a result of the obfuscation that we apply to the assembly. There's a trade-off between 'obfuscatedness' and 'analyzability'.

'The code analyzer needs to analyze every assembly that's referenced, but can't do it when it's obfuscated. We don't distributed unobfuscated versions of the assembly, but there are a few possibilities:

1. Turn off code analysis if you don't need it.
2. You can purchase the source-code (ask us about discounts) and include it in your code-base.
3. Move code that accesses edtFTPnet/PRO into a wrapper class and build it in a separate project that has code-analysis turned off.