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During the handshake of an SFTP connection (with PublicKeyAndPassword as well as Server Validation) the EnterpriseDTLog reports an error, but then the connection is successful:

DEBUG EnterpriseDTLog - Packet arrived
DEBUG EnterpriseDTLog - ProcessAuthenticationResponse: SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_FAILURE
ERROR EnterpriseDTLog - Auth partial success. Try: password

Since we're integrating the EnterpriseDTLog with Log4Net, it means an error is logged every time a connection is made.
Is there possibly something in our connection settings that could be causing this? Or is there any known workaround?


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What it means is that the authentication partially succeeded, but the server requires another authentication as well - it is suggesting via password. This is being done automatically.

For partial success, it probably should be a debug level message. It has been changed to that in the source, so in future this error message won't appear.
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Thanks, that will be fine.
Do you have a date for the next release?
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It won't be for a couple of months. Let us know if you'd like a build to use in the interim.