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Where are backups of the configuration settings kept?
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The configuration data is backed up daily and each time the software is updated.

On Windows XP/2003 and earlier:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Enterprise Distributed Technologies\Complete FTP\Backup

On Vista/2008 and later:

C:\ProgramData\Enterprise Distributed Technologies\Complete FTP\Backup

Two other ways to locate the file:

1. Open Windows Explorer and type "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Enterprise Distributed Technologies\Complete FTP\Backup".


2. From the Windows Start menu open "CompleteFTP" and then "Log Files". This opens the Logs directory in Windows Explorer. Go up one directory and then down to the Backup directory.

Restoring an Old Configuration

To restore a configuration file:

  1. Stop the CompleteFTP service using the Windows service controller.
  2. Move the existing configuration file to a safe location. The active configuration file is the config.sdf file in the directory above the Backup directory.
  3. Copy the backed up configuration file to directory where config.sdf was and rename it to config.sdf
  4. Start the CompleteFTP service.