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The reader may be aware that FTP operates with two types of channels: control and data. Only one control-channel is used in each session, but several data-channels may be used

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Firstly, you will need edtFTPj/PRO as edtFTPj/Free doesn't support FTPS.

Once you've downloaded the trial, please refer to this how-to for instructions on establishing an FTPS connection (with AUTH/PBSZ/PROT).

- Hans (EntepriseDT)
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Thanks for the replay.
We're reviewing edtFTPj/PRO.
Please provide any documentation on AUTH/PBSZ/PROT - how to use SSLFTPClient object with AUTH/PBSZ/PROT features?
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You generally don't need to do anything with AUTH/PBSZ/PROT - these commands will be sent automatically by edtFTPj/PRO.
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Hi support,

Your last statement confuses me a little. Does it mean that by using edtFTPj/PRO we start a secure FTP by default? Do we not have to use the below commands in our code at all?


What if we do not want a secure data transfer in some senarios?
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If you are using SSLFTPClient (rather than SecureFileTransferClient):

ftp.login(username, password);

Skip the auth() line for non-secure FTP.