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How can I set LogLevel when I use FTPConnection class in console app? From the intellisense, I don't see LogLevel property or any kind of logging/debugging properties available as stated in the documentation.

I'm using edtFTPnetPRO 7.1.

Please help.


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Try changing into Dellware directory and then uploading MEMORY_KINGSTON_EN_US.txt
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Logging provides a set of convenience functions for simple logging usage. These are debug()info()warning()error() and critical()
Once I've made a research on the development app topic... If any of you need help with the researches, you can try this.

# assuming loglevel is bound to the string value obtained from the
# command line argument. Convert to upper case to allow the user to
# specify --log=DEBUG or --log=debug
numeric_level = getattr(logging, loglevel.upper(), None)
if not isinstance(numeric_level, int):
    raise ValueError('Invalid log level: %s' % loglevel)
logging.basicConfig(level=numeric_level, ...)