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i purchased the edtftpnet/express because i needed some features not in the free version. i found it hard to understand totally the online help i think this is where my fault it.

i have windows C# dialog box that ftp's a user specified file to a dedicated server. once they complete the initial upload they can select another upload or cancel out.

upon canceling out i want to:
- upload a debug file which is a copy of the "ftpviewlog"
- change working directory on the ftp server
- download a file
- then disconnect or close

i'm not using all your edtftpnet/express C# controls.

i step through the code and it does all the "Connect.Begin" task. but instead of doing the upload, change directory and download it jumps to the close.

i can't seem to see why the threading worked like it did in the initial upload. documentation/example does not lead me to believe i can't do this.
i'm not sure what version i'm using to tell you.

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