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Hi !

I have a problem when putting an Inputstream to an SSH-Server using the SSHFTPClient.
I do it with myClient.put(myFileInputStream, remoteFileName).
Basically it works - the file is getting transferred to the server, but when i call the Method 'getUploadCount()' immediatly after the put-method I don't get '1' - I always get '0'.
If I'm working in Debug-mode i even get an Error in 'SftpSubsystemClient' from the GC:
It seems that the Client tries to close the Stream of the remoteFile, but the channel has already been closed..

Does someone have an idea?

I use edtFTPj/PRO - Version 1.5.4


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Thanks for spotting this - it's a bug & now fixed for the next release which we hope will be soon. The upload count wasn't being updated for the stream methods in SSHFTPClient.