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Is there any plans/timeline as to when will GCM ciphers going to be supported for SSH connections? 

I am checking the documentation for SSHFTPAlgorithm

We have a couple of clients who are being required by their vendors to connect via SSH and use GCM ciphers, particularly aes128-gcm@openssh.com and aes256-gcm@openssh.com.

Thank you.

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We aren't likely to support vendor specific ciphers like the @openssh.com ciphers.

Because of this, the recent Terrapin attack on the openssh.com ciphers didn't affect our products.

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Hello, thank you for answering. How about support for standard GCM ciphers?  ie AES GCM
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Interestingly, there aren't any standard GCM ciphers for SSH. The @openssh.com ciphers are the only ones we're aware of. I'm not sure why as GCM is used in TLS (and indeed we support it).