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I am currently trying to implement the pro version and almost finished my work.
UploadMultiple is a great function and for most cases it works out just fine.

I have one issue though: I have a case where I have a list of files on client with a clear destination for each file.
FileA -> /test1/FileA
FileB -> /test2/FileB
FileC -> /test3/test3_2/FileC

As it is now I can only give the uploadmultiple function a client directory, server directory and a filefilter. But I cant tell the function in any way where the destination of each file is.

I could also just use the UploadFile function but then I would be uploading synchronously, not being able to make use of the pools and connection logic the SecureFTPConnection class provides.
And if I read the documentation correctly, BeginUploadFile will queue each action and distribute them into a threadpool, which to me doesnt sound like it will make use of the multiple connections either.

In the best case there would be a function that takes some sort of list of sourcefiles and targetdestinations and handles the upload internally.

Maybe I am missing something very obvious or I am misunderstanding something.

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BeginUploadFile uses the connection pool, so it will make use of multiple connectionnns