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We purchased a licence of edtFTPj/PRO. You describe in How-To section to use Licence Key and Name in plain text in the Java Project via setter function and licence.jar. Is there a way to to use the informations encrypted?

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No, we don't provide a way to do that. The preferred way is to include the license key in your code rather than using the license.jar file. Why do you want to use the information encrypted?
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Ok, well we are developer of a Low-Code Platform. We use enterprisedt for a ftp connector . This connector is shipped as compiled jar. If somebody decompiles this jar, the licence can be read.
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As long as license.jar isn't used, this is ok. Someone determined won't find it hard to find a working license if they really want one.
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Ok, we use it now via setter. Pls close
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I believe you may have a current support agreement with us? If this is the case please use our dedicated support portal and open a ticket for any future issues. You can do this at: