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I'm trying to create an install of a program where I use your edtFTPnetPro.dll in Visual Studio. This used to work with no problem, now I receive the error "The ClickOnce manifests cannot be signed because they contain one or more references that are not hashed." So the program that I have that works perfectly that I once had no problem creating installs for, I can no longer create an install. How can I create an install for the program using your .dll that I purchased for my users?

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This Microsoft article suggest the following:

  1. Go to the Publish page of the Project Designer.

  2. Click Application Files.

  3. Set the Hash value to Include for all files that are to be published.

Have you tried that?
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I received the error as stated above. I then when in to "Application Files" and set it to exclude. Then it compiled. When I installed my app it wouldn't work because it needed the edt dll. Since then I have totally excluded it from the "Application Files", then clicked reset which added it back, and now everything works. Why this worked I don't know but that's what happened.
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That is strange! Thanks for letting us know. Your experience might be helpful to others.